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What is my backstory?

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For close to 4 years (as of 2023) I’ve been patiently studying under the eye of YouTube content creator, such as Proko and Marc Brunet and sites including Drawabox.

When I got my hands on an Adobe subscription 3 years ago, Photoshop became my bellowed tool. Although hard to master I was determined to be the best I could be with it. Later also came Illustrator, and Premiere pro.

Another year passed when I got my iPad. A tool of many uses, but for me it was for Procreate (and also Photoshop on the go). Using concepts from past years, when drawing traditionally, I got better and better with every passing day. It was hard to transform from soft paper to hard glass at first, but with with time I haven’t felt a difference.

1 year ago, when I met my artistic girlfriend I finally got the mentor I always wished for. With her help (and sometimes harsh corrections) my art got better and my passion for it began to wander. It came across Blender, Adobe After Effects, InDesign, Sigma and other programs I had no idea even existed. I set my goal to learn them all.

Now, we come to present times. 4 years of experience, hundreds of different artworks made and even more lost in time. Many programs learned to a decent degree and now it’s finally time to apply to a Graphic major at University.